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Home Renovation

we can do loans on almost any type of property with more options than any other equity-based lender. 

Common Use of funds:

  • Start expand or acquire a business

  • Foreclosure Bailout

  • Working Capital

  • Bridge loan

  • JV Partnership

  • Acquisition and Development

What we offer:

  • Commercial & Residential (Not your primary residence) Financing

  • land loans

  • fast loan approval

  • Appraisal services

  • no seasoning requirements


  • Funding from $100,000 - $5,000,000.00

  • interest only option

  • Most property types considered

  • no personal credit requirements

  • stated income OK!

Fixing Roofs
Fixing the Sink
Construction Workers
Home Exterior
Fixing the Roof
Pipe Replacement

Unlike some of the other lenders , we work off of appraised value, not the purchase price and have a long history of helping our borrowers get projects done. 

common use of funds:

  • acquisition and development

  • cash out

  • refinance

  • rehab

what we offer:

  • commercial and residential financing

  • ground up construction

  • fast loan approval

  • gap funding option

  • eligible properties: SFR(Single Family residences), 2-4 units, condo, Cre, Multifamily

benefits of a F&F loan:

  • Funding from $1000,000.00 - $5,000, 000.00

  • interest only

  • most property considered

  • 600+ FICO

  • no income requirements

  • unlimited disbursements

  • 90%(purchase) 7% (refi/ARV)

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